Centre for Water Research


Addressing R&D needs of water infrastructure development through a holistic approach on
a multi-disciplinary platform

Water is an essential life-supporting commodity. It is essential for food and energy production. In addition, its availability will determine the social and economic development of every nation.

More than 1 billion people lack of access to reliable water source and 2 billion people lack of proper sanitation in the world. It is therefore evident that ensuring sustainable water supply is a critical challenge at both national and global scales.

Efficient management and treatment of used water prevents contamination of water sources and enhance the potential of meeting increasing demand for clean water supply. It also facilitates reclaiming used water for reuse purpose.

"The science &
technology for pro-
ducing sustainable and safe water are cohesive efforts of different disciplines."

  • To conduct R&D on water and wastewater engineering and management and address the water infrastructure needs in Singapore as well as the regional countries.
  • To translate breakthroughs derived from fundamental R&D into innovative water quality enhancement and water reclamation solutions.
  • To collaborate with national and international institutions/centres on fundamental research and with key industry partners on applied R&D.
  • To engage in technological transfer to local and regional water infrastructure industry.