Bridge Design Competition, 2017

The annual Bridge Design Competition organized by the NTU Civil and Environmental Engineering Club was conducted on 4-5 Mar 2017. A total of 25 teams participated in the university category, with representatives from the four Singapore universities, as well as Indonesia’s and Malaysia’s tertiary institutions. There were three teams from the NUS Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.

The main purpose of the competition was to motivate students in applying their engineering concepts towards the design of a sustainable bridge, given certain guidelines and constraints. Based on their designs, each team had to construct the bridge with the balsa wood provided. The bridges were next loaded to failure, with its efficiency defined as the load capacity per unit weight. The physical and aesthetic aspects of the design were also assessed by the judges.

Team "Ditto2.0", comprising of Hee Zhan Zhykn (Year 2) and Teo Yong Chian (Year 2), won the first place with S$600 cash award. Another team "2Free", comprising of Zeng Zhuohong (Year 4) and Deng Minxuan (Year 3), won the fourth place with S$150 cash award. The event was sponsored by the Building and Construction Authority, RSP Architects Planners & Engineers Pte Ltd, The Institution of Structural Engineers and Koon Holdings Limited.

From the winning team:

"It is a great pleasure to represent NUS in the recent NTU Bridge Competition. The team have certainly worked hard and earned their merits in the competition. We would also like to thank our peers and professor, Prof Poh for the support and advice. Throughout the competition, we were able to apply what we have learnt into designing and fabricating the bridge, as well as workmanship and presentation skills. Though there were some difficulties faced in the process, we embraced them and take it in to fuel ourselves to improve in the near future. The overall experience was good and enriching, and we look forward to the next competition." - Hee Zhan Zhykn and Teo Yong Chian